Saturday, August 31, 2019

Oregon & Washington (even to Canada!)

Well, here it is... August and I am fully back on the road and loving it! In case you hadn't heard... I LOVE my life!!! Dang, this is so much fun! Here are some phots and notes of my journey through the month.

Bird Track Springs Campground

Three days tucked away in this little campground - a little piece of heaven!
This is how I know where I was... DUH!

It may look like I was surrounded by trees... OKAY, I was surrounded by trees, VERY TALL trees! I was positioned perfectly to get plenty of solar most of the day. Loving my solar system!

Dungeness Recreation Area

Camping at this beautiful Wild Life Refuge in Sequim, WA

Visiting Tacoma WA

Beautiful Park in Tacoma

Breakfast at "Little Jerry's Breakfast & Burgers" - lots of great memorabilia from the Jerry Seinfeld show!
Love this one!

Visiting Vancouver, BC

While staying in Sequim, WA we visited Vancouver, BC. Our party of 3 went to a Butterfly Garden with these adorable performing parrots.

The scary "New River Poison Dart Frog"

The Butchart Gardens

Sunset as we return to Port Angeles via the ferry
Shimmering Port Angeles...

Astoria & the Washington State International Kite Festival
Spent a few days in Astoria, OR and went to the 35 year running play - "Shaghaied in Astoria". I have no idea or memory of what or where this photo was taken...
YIKES! Who is that idiot???
The week long Washington State International Kite Festival was held in Long Beach, WA, just 15 miles from Astoria. I went on Saturday and Sunday AND... got myself a new kite! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Cape Meares State Park & Tillamook OR

Yup... it's the Pacific Ocean...

I think they called this the Octopus Tree (or something like that).
I tried flying my new kite on this big open beach but the wind was very unpredictable changing direction 180ยบ from one minute to the next!

Cruising around down town Tillamook with my buddy, Charlie on an afternoon... we stop into the Pacific Restaurant and spoke with the owner about playing music. She gave me a choice of nights for the up-coming weekend. I took Friday night and a whole bunch of WINs came out in support. The restaurant was a top-notch place with excellent food, beyond what I would have expected. Downtown was crawling with people that night (Friday, August 30th) for the Moonlight Madness event. I played for 4 hours and a bunch of the WINs took to dancing, as is their delight... some of them stayed until the end of my gig at 10 o'clock... way past their bedtime! What a wonderful venue and terrific owners - Nelia and Philip... and the patrons of the restaurant were generous with their tips... and WINs who supported me for the entire gig. Special thanks goes to Charlie Savior for providing vocals and lead guitar on a number of songs. It was a terrific night!

That's all for August my dears... Check out my blog for September as I start to head (in a hurry) south for warmer weather.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Stuck? In Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole, WY

Here I am... I could say "stuck", but I'm not stuck at all! I am having a blast here! The Hotel Jackson / Smokin' Iron Bar & Grill offered me the opportunity to perform through the summer season. That evolved into managing the entertainment/music program and scheduling other musicians to perform. That's giving me some time to relax, enjoy the area more and not burn out. Cool thing is that people request some great songs, that I sometimes don't have, so I'm adding 2 or 3 new cover songs everyday.

I get around town most everyday on my bike. Yesterday I rode through the National Elk Refuge and it was a beautiful ride through some gorgeous country.

Everything's Uncertain

Is been a roller coaster ride here in Jackson... with performing at the Smokin' Iron Bar & Grill. Management issues and conflicts, bad weather, scheduling, and WHERE ARE THE CUSTOMERS??? With all the chaos and uncertainty, I'm not sure if I'll be staying here or moving on. I'm good either way because I'm absolutely loving my life right now! Questioning what's happening and recognizing that nothing is for sure... from one week, one day, one moment to the next. There are no guarantees... nothing is for sure. So... out of that, I've written the song "Uncertainty". The following link will open the file at my Soundcloud page.

Uncertainty at SoundCloud

Last Days in Jackson Hole

It's the end of the road for this gig in Jackson WY. It didn't work out as advertised or near anything I had financially planned for. I'll be getting back-on-the-road at the end of July. I am very much looking forward to getting back with the WIN group, hoping to catch up to them at Mt Rainer National Park, WA.

Wednesday night, July 24th, a group of folks came in, mostly from upper state New York. Boy, did we have a great time! Here's a video compilation of some of the fun we had.

I've got 2 more nights of playing at the Smokin' Iron Bar & Grill - this coming Saturday and Sunday. After that, I'm back on the road heading to Washington state to catch with the WINs. I'm very much looking forward to it!

Craters of the Moon National Monument - Lava Flow Campground

On the ROAD again! YEAAAAHHH!!! It was an experience to perform most every night of the week and stay in Jackson Hole... for SURE! My first stop (overnight) was at the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Arco, ID. Love this Senior Golden Pass card - half price camping and free admission to all National Parks and Campgrounds. I might have stayed longer but it was all kinda like this...
Like camping on the moon! Just Beautiful! HUH???

Sawtooth National Forest - Sun Vally, ID

I ended July staying in the Sawtooth National Forest. Now this is more like it...

and this...
I'm out in the middle of everywhere!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

North to Grand Teton National Park

Last Days in Dutch John
LyndaJoy and I moved to Canyon Rim CG on the first of June which was considerably higher but right on the rim of this amazing Red Canyon.

Beautiful view from the edge of the canyo... AHHHHHHHH!
Lightning strike
Fields of these bright yellow flowers along the hiking trail
Horse back riding... YUP!

Cedar Springs Marina - Snag Bar & Grill

After dinner on Friday night (6/1/19), I spoke with the manager, Stacy about performing. She brought me in on Saturday and a large table of WINs came and had dinner. That WINS were very engaged, singing along, and dancing on the tables! YIKES! 
I was planning to play another 30 minutes after they left around 6 o'clock, but the place filled up at 6:30, so I ended up staying until closing at 8PM. What a BLAST! One of the very BEST gigs I've ever had!

Fontenelle Recreation Area - Kemmerer, WY
Petrified Wood Treasures found at the Blue Forest

Grand Teton National ParkThe entire group arrived at Gros Ventre Campground on June 11th and stayed for about a week. 

Teton Mountains from across Jackson Lake

After LindaJoy and I had dinner at the Silver Dollar Bar on Thursday, we walked around downtown Jackson to check our some of the live music. We walked over to the Smokin' Iron Bar & Grill (Google indicated it was open) - it wasn't! There was a large sign in front - "Live Music auditions - Saturday at 1PM". I figured it would be fun just to do the audition, thinking it wouldn't amount to anything... and just keep on traveling with the WIN group. But... to my surprise... it turned into a gig for the season after performing on Saturday, their opening night! 

So my travel plans have been significantly altered. I moved into town, staying at a place about 2 blocks from the Smokin' Iron Bar & Grill. I'm scheduled to perform every night from 6 to 10 PM through the end of the season in September. It's an outdoor venue that's very cool with fire pits and a relaxing fun atmosphere.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Adventures in Utah

Paradise??? Arrived at Paradise RV Park in Panguitch, UT on Monday afternoon, May 13th. Don't be fooled by the name... it was quite the opposite of "paradise". I found the WIN group a little after 5PM having their daily afternoon meeting and planning for the next day. There must have been a chill in the air as I felt no warmth at all in the room. I left the meeting scratching my head and wondering why I'm here.

Bryce Canyon... Oh MY!

The next day I arrived on time at the WINs 9AM meeting (referred to as Mugs And Hugs). When I responded to taking the shuttle tour through Bryce Canyon, this gorgeous young woman, LyndaJoy said that she wanted to do that also. Sooooo... we went together and we had a wonderful time viewing and walking along the rim of the canyon in this breath taking National Park! Absolutely at the top of my list! Here are a few photos of the colorful and amazing scenery.

Capital Reef National Park

We stayed on BLM land for dispersed camping just outside of the park. Although it was a little tricky getting in, once I arrived and parked my rig, the views were amazing. A lot more people showed up at this location to join this circuit. After seeing Bryce Canyon, I was very unimpressed with Capital Reef but LyndaJoy and I spent most everyday together, and that was the most fun!

WalMart, Price UT

Many of us stayed at this Walmart overnight on our way to Duchesne due to some serious storms rolling through the area. LyndaJoy and I ate dinner at this funky restaurant called Tangerine Eatery

Starvation... ahhh, a State Park!

Rabbit Gulch Campground was along Starvation Reservior in Duchesne, UT. I had a nice location up high off the water, over looking the lake. It was cold and raining most of the time. 

I have been able to confirm with absolute certainty that no one can forecast the weather in Utah... not the TV stations, not the radio stations, not the online websites, not any of the weather apps on smart phones! They don't even know what the weather is at the present time. So planning when to travel or where to go can be difficult.

Dinosaur National Monument


LyndaJoy and I stayed at Outlaw Trails RV Park for the 6 days visiting the Dinosaur National Monument.

Trail to Moonshine Arch
Moonshine Flowers???
Moonshine Woman??? Nooo... that's LyndaJoy!
View from Arch toward Vernal, UT

The group is moving to Flaming Gorge on the 29th... WOOHOO!

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

On May 29th we traveled to Dutch John, Utah and setup at the Dripping Springs Campground. I am astounded by the area and how much there is to see here. Take a look at these photos:
Dripping Springs Campground

Morning hike along the Green River

Flaming Gorge Dam

Gopher Snake wrapped around my ankle on my morning hike...  YIKES!

Big Horn Sheep at Red Canyon

Lightning strikes on the top of the mountain leave their mark on trees.

Beautiful tiny red flower at the mountain top.
View of the reservoir from the Red Canyon Rim

Close up of baby pine cone

Red Canyon
Today, May 31st, the group went to the Red Canyon to hike the rim and then to the Cedar Springs Marina. We had dinner at Snags Bar & Grill, the areas only floating bar & grill right on the reservoir. I spoke with the manager about performing this coming weekend and so I have my first gig on this journey tomorrow night. WOOHOO!

Also, tomorrow morning LyndaJoy and I are moving to the Canyon Rim Campground at Red Canyon where we saw the Long Horn Sheep.

So... that ends the month. Stay tuned for June's travel adventures and thanks for following and reading my blog.